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     The Sylmac HOA governs a single family housing community in the western portion of Annapolis in the heart of Maryland’s capital.
     The Sylmac Community and corresponding HOA was originally founded in 1961 under the establishment of ‘Sylmac Inc’. In 2014 Sylmac Inc was dissolved in order to be re-branded as the Sylmac Community, as which it now stands.
     Our Community is made up off 33 Single family lots, with a large community property comprised of a full playground, basketball court, and plenty of open space for our residents and their children.
     The community is adjacent to Bay Area Community Church which stands as a flagship in keeping a wholesome and family safe place for activities and events throughout the year.
     We here within the Sylmac Community strive to keep our community not only consistently up-kept, but also as a friendly, warm, and hospitable place to live and raise your family.
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