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With in the Community Property Known as Sylmac.

HOA Bylaws – Annapolis MD 21401 – Sylmac Community

    Please note that since Sylmac Inc has formally been disbanded the guidelines below are no longer actively regulated. We do ask that you consider these previously imposed rules and guidelines within our community. However, please understand these are no longer enforced regulations.

  1. That said lots shall be used for residential purposes only and shall not be used for any business character, except for the practice of medicine, dentistry, and for a nursery. Other personal services may be permitted subject to the approval of the Sylmac HOA.


  1. That no building or portion thereof shall be erected nearer than twenty-five (25) feet from the front line of any lot, nor nearer then ten (10) feet to any side line. In addition, only one (1) building for private residence purposes shall be erected on each lot.


  1. That Sylmac HOA, or its assigns shall approve in writing the exterior plan and construction or and alteration of any building and the position of the building on the lot. No building shall be more than two and one-half (2 ½) stories in height, and no work shall commence on the construction of any buildings or dwellings until the proper plans have been filed and approved in writing by Sylmac HOA or its assigns.


  1. That no lot shall be sub divided.


  1. No building shall be moved into or erected on the lots herein, having less than one thousand (1,000) sq. feet if of a rancher design; no less than twelve-hundred (1,200) sq. feet if of a split level design, nor less than fifteen-hundred (1,500) sq. feet if of a two-story design.


  1. Sylmac HOA expressly reserves unto itself and its assigns the exclusive right to establish grades and slopes on the land hereby conveyed and to fix the grade at which and dwelling shall hereafter be erected or placed thereon, in order the the same shall confirm to a general plan.


  1. There shall not be erected, permitted, or maintained or operated and privy, cesspool, vault or and form of privy except such sewage systems as may be approved by Sylmac HOA, its assigns, and the Anne Arundel County board of Health, and no toilets or bath houses shall be erected on said property except shall be built in or attached to the main dwelling.


  1. That no trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or other out buildings be erected on the lot or lots at any time and used as temporary or permanent residence, nor shall any resident of a temporary character be permitted.


  1. That a perpetual easement is reserved unto Sylmac HOA its successors, licenses, or assigns, over a strip of land five (5) feet width along the rear line of each lot hereof conveyed for the purpose of utility installation and maintenance.


  1. No animals shall be kept or housed on any lot or in any building situated on any lot in numbers that, in the option of Sylmac HOA may be considered obnoxious to the health, peace, and quiet of and purchaser or Sylmac HOA.


  1. No fences or wall shall be erected on the front of any building. A parathion fence not to exceed three and one-half (3 ½”) feet in height may be erected in the rear of and building, unless otherwise approved in writing by Sylmac HOA or its assigns.


  1. Sylmac expressly reserves title to both the surface and beds of all roads, streets, avenues, public highways, and community areas, as shown on the plot of SYLMAC, and the reference thereto are for the purpose of description only and shall not be construed as a dedication thereof.


  1. The covenants are to run with the land and shall be binding on all the parties claiming by or under then until January 1, 1990, and continually thereafter unless by a vote of owners of seventy-five percent (75%) of the lots in this subdivision, it is agreed to change said covenants.


  1. The invalidation of any of these covenants by judgement or Court Order or in any manor whatsoever, shall in no ways affect any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and affect.


  1. These restrictions shall apply to Lots No. 2 thru 33 as shown on the plat SYLMAC, dated January 1961.




Past Bylaws records dated 1987 and 1992 respectfully, please note the 1982 file is significant in size and may take a moment to download completely.**These past bylaws are for records purposes only and are not in force or valid. They have henceforth been superseded by the Sylmac Community’s current and standing HOA by laws located above.

Sylmac HOA Previous Rules 1987
Sylmac HOA Previous Rules 1992